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CSISS Classics in Demography

The foundations of spatial analysis span many disciplines over many generations of researchers and practitioners. CSISS Classics provides summaries and illustrations of major contributions to spatial thinking in the social sciences. Primary emphasis is given to research before 1980, with an attempt to capture and acknowledge the repository of spatial thinking in the social sciences for the last few centuries. The summaries, along with key references, are intended as guides for those interested in exploring intellectual inheritance from previous generations. For discplines other than Demography see the full CSISS Classics list.

Your help is requested in suggesting topics, key papers, and schools of thought that should be represented in this collection - please send these to the CSISS Classics editor, Don Janelle

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Charles Booth
Title: Mapping London's Poverty, 1885–1903
Spatial Concept: Mapping and social surveys, neighborhood effects
Discipline: Criminology, Demography, Geography, History, Law & Society, Political Science, Sociology, Urban & Regional Planning, Urban Studies
Patrick Doreian
Title: Modeling Sociological Processes Using Spatially Distributed Data
Spatial Concept: spatial autocorrelation, regressive-autoregressive modeling
Discipline: Sociology, Statistics
Leonhard Ludwig Finke
Title: Leonhard Ludwig Finke: Medical Geography
Spatial Concept: Global perspective
Discipline: Geography, Public Health
Joel Garreau
Title: Edge Cities and the Nine Nations of North America
Spatial Concept: Regionalization and regional synthesis of change
Discipline: Area Studies, Demography, Geography, Regional Science, Sociology, Urban & Regional Planning, Urban Studies
Torsten Hägerstrand
Title: Time Geography.
Spatial Concept: Spatio-temporal constraints on human activity patterns and individual space-time paths
Discipline: Geography, Regional Science, Urban & Regional Planning
Florence Kelley
Title: Slums of the Great Cities Survey Maps, 1893
Spatial Concept: Pattern analysis mapping of social conditions, maps for social advocacy
Discipline: Demography, Public Health, Sociology, Urban Studies, Womens Studies
Valdimer Orlando Key
Title: Mapping Southern Politics, 1949
Spatial Concept: Electoral geography, spatial redistricting, ecological inference
Discipline: Demography, History, Political Science
Colin Loftin and Sally K. Ward
Title: Application of Spatial Autocorrelation in Sociology
Spatial Concept: Spatial autocorrelation, spatial processes, neighborhood effects, scale dependency, weighting methods, spatial interaction
Discipline: Demography, Public Health, Sociology, Statistics
Henry Mayhew
Title: London Labour and the London Poor, 1861
Spatial Concept: Choropleth mapping, Ecological relationship
Discipline: Criminology, Sociology, Other
Melinda S. Meade
Title: Medical Geography and Human Ecology, 1977
Spatial Concept: Cultural ecology, Population movement, Spatial patterns of disease
Discipline: Environmental Studies & Policy, Geography, Public Health
Richard Meier
Title: Communications Theory of Urban Growth, 1961
Spatial Concept: Spatial agglomeration, spatial interaction, urban centrality
Discipline: Communication Studies, Sociology, Urban Studies
Ernest George Ravenstein
Title: The Laws of Migration, 1885
Spatial Concept: Distance decay, migration, spatial interaction, movement, spatial dispersion
Discipline: Demography, Economics, Geography, Statistics
Clifford R. Shaw and Henry D. McKay
Title: The Social Disorganization Theory
Spatial Concept: Spatial association and causation, urban area and neighborhood effects, urban social ecology, concentric zone theory
Discipline: Criminology, Demography, Ethnic Studies, Law & Society, Sociology, Urban & Regional Planning, Urban Studies
G. William Skinner
Title: Marketing in Rural China, 1964–1965
Spatial Concept: Centrality, settlement hierarchy, range of a good, periodic markets
Discipline: Area Studies, Economics, Urban Studies
Lou Skoda and J.C. Robertson
Title: The Isodemographic Map of Canada, 1972.
Spatial Concept: Spatial data visualization, cartogram, isodemography
Discipline: Demography, Geography
John Snow
Title: The London Cholera Epidemic of 1854
Spatial Concept: Spatial pattern analysis, Inference of spatial process
Discipline: Demography, Public Health
Alma and Karl Taeuber
Title: Residential Segregation in U.S. Cities, 1965
Spatial Concept: segregation indices, mapping racial composition and change
Discipline: Demography, Ethnic Studies, Sociology, Statistics, Urban Studies
Rupert B. Vance
Title: Space and the American South
Spatial Concept: Region, spatial integration
Discipline: Demography, Geography, Sociology, Urban Studies
Sam Bass Warner
Title: Modeling the Streetcar Suburbs, 1962
Spatial Concept: Urban accessibility and social class associations
Discipline: Demography, Economics, Geography, History, Urban & Regional Planning, Urban Studies
John Kirtland Wright
Title: Early Quantitative Geography, 1937
Spatial Concept: Measuring trends and inequalities in spatial distributions
Discipline: Geography, Sociology, Statistics