Future Directions in Spatial Demography

Future Directions in Spatial Demography

Requirements for Reimbursement for participants with surnames "M through Z,"
(Proccessed by Penn State)

Below, you will find a list of requirements to process a reimbursement for your travel expenses.
Please note:

  • The university system is strict about having original receipts and boarding passes (not copies), so please do not discard these.
  • Your stay at the Upham Hotel will be billed to us directly, however, please remember that you are responsible for paying the cost of an upgraded room or extended stay.


If you are not a U.S. citizen, please notify Karen Doehner and use the UCSB reimbursement instructions instead.
However, if you are a Penn State employee and not a U.S. citizen, please proceed with these instructions.

For all participants:

  1. Download and fill out the Penn State Visitor Information Form [PDF Document]
  2. Download and fill out the Penn State Non Employee Travel Form [PDF Document]
  3. Copy of e-ticket or credit card statement that shows payment
  4. Travel itinerary
  5. Boarding pass stub (original, please do not discard!)
    Only one boarding pass stub is required, you do not have to complete your trip before submitting your documents.
  6. Any other travel-related receipts (taxis, airbus, car rental contracts, etc.)
  7. If you are traveling by car, please be sure to record your mileage and save your gas receipts. You will also have to verify your license plate number and confirm that you have liability insurance.
  8. Be sure to sign the forms and provide a mailing address for the check to be sent to.

Karen Doehner will collect your documents on Monday, 12/12 and Tuesday, December 12/13.

If you are not prepared to deliver your travel documents to Karen, you can mail them to Stephen Matthews later, however, the processing of your reimbursement will be delayed.

Documents can be mailed to:
ATTN: Stephen A. Matthews
Population Research Institute
Pennsylvania State University
601 Oswald Tower
University Park, PA 16802-6211

Again, it is important not to discard your boarding passes!

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