Advanced Spatial Analysis

This website is preserved as an Archive for the NIH-funded GISPopSci / Advanced Spatial Analysis Training Programs (2005–2013). Current resources in support of
Spatially Integrated Social Science
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PSU 2009 June 21-June 26, 2009: University Park, PA

Workshop Coordinator

Stephen A. Matthews (E-mail: is Associate Professor of Sociology, Anthropology and Demography (Courtesy in Geography); Director, Geographic Information Analysis Core at the Population Research Institute, Social Science Research Institute, Penn State. His research focuses on families and neighborhoods in diverse community contexts and the application of GIS and spatial methods in demographic, health and social science research. He serves as PI on both an NIEHS funded quasi-experimental study of neighborhood food environments, diet, and health and an NICHD R25 training grant on advanced spatial analysis. Matthews has served on numerous NIH review panels including Community Influences on Health Behavior (CIHB), special panels (e.g., Cancer and GIS; Infrastructure for Data Sharing and Archiving) and on the editorial board of Health and Place (1994-2004) and American Journal of Preventive Medicine (2005-present). He was PI on the initial GIS and Population Science (GISPopSci) training grant (2005-2007). More information about Matthews is available at:

Workshop Presenters

Kelvyn Jones (E-mail:
is Professor of Geography, Head of School, and Director of the Learning Environment for Multilevel Methodology and Applications (LEMMA), the National Center for Research Methods ( based at the University of Bristol, U.K. He has held a Nuffield Social Science Fellowship for investigating multilevel modeling. He teaches research design, quantitative techniques, and the geography of health. His major substantial research interest is analyzing the geographies of morbidity and mortality with particular emphasis on applying and developing the methodology of multilevel models. In addition, he has studied multilevel perspectives on modeling census data and neighborhood effects in studies of income dynamics and voting behavior. His publications include Health, Disease, and Society (Jones and Moon, 1987), Epidemiology: An Introduction (Moon et al., 2000), and numerous articles in journals such as the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society-Series A, Social Science and Medicine, American Journal of Epidemiology, British Medical Journal, Geographical Analysis, British Journal of Political Science, Environment and Planning. He has taught multilevel workshops in both North America and Europe, including over a decade of involvement in the Essex summer school in the U.K. Jones and Subramanian co-developed a training manual to assist researchers in the concept and application of multilevel models using the MLwiN program.
More information about Jones is available at:

S.V. (Subu) Subramanian (E-mail: is Assistant Professor at the Department of Society, Human Development and Health, School of Public Health, Harvard University. He has a Ph.D. in geography with specialization in multilevel statistical methods and a Masters in development studies from the University of Delhi. In 1999-2000 Subu was the recipient of the 1999-2000 MacArthur Leadership Program in Population and Development Studies based at the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies. The main focus of his research is on understanding how different contextual settings influence individual health outcomes and population disparities in health achievements. He has specifically investigated the impact of income inequality and social capital on individual health outcomes. His work has demonstrated the need to explicitly consider a multilevel methodological framework while conceptualizing and estimating contextual effects on public health issues. Currently, through a NIH/National Heart, Lung, Blood Institute Career Development Award, he is investigating the role of neighborhood-level factors (neighborhood structural disadvantage, collective psychosocial characteristics, and physical environmental conditions) in explaining the occurrence and distribution of asthma. Subu has published over 85 journal articles, book chapters, books, and working papers. He is an Assistant Editor for Social Science and Medicine, Editorial Consultant to The Lancet, Member of the Editorial Board for Health and Place, and BMC Public Health, and Book Review Editor for Economics and Human Biology. He has lectured and conducted workshops on the concept and practical applications of multilevel models in ten countries.
More information about Subramanian is available at:

GIA Core Staff at PRI/SSRI

Dan Meehan GIS Manager -
B.S. Earth Sciences - GIS, The Pennsylvania State University , 2000

Yosef Bodovski GIS Programmer -
Education:  B.A. Geography/Sociology The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, 1996; Master in GIS The Pennsylvania State University , 2007
Research Interests: GIS applications in social sciences, Database Design, Urban Geography

Brian McManus GIS Programmer-
M.S. Geography The Pennsylvania State University, 2002; B.A. Geography/Political Science The University of Tennessee, 1999
Research Interests: Geographic Visualization, Urban and Political Geography.


  • Philippe Amstislavski
    Affiliation: State University of New York and CUNY
    Research Interest: Health Sciences

  • Eugene Brusilovskiy
    Affiliation: University of Pennsylvania
    Research Interest: Health Planning

  • Kirsten Beyer
    Affiliation: University of Iowa
    Research Interest: Geography

  • Jamie Doyle
    Affiliation: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
    Research Interest: Demography

  • Samuel Field
    Affiliation: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
    Research Interest: Statistics

  • Brian Fisher
    Affiliation: SUNY at Albany School of Public Health
    Research Interest: Sociology

  • Paula Ford
    Affiliation: University of Texas at El Paso
    Research Interest: Epidemiology

  • Joe D. Francis
    Affiliation: Cornell University Program on Applied Demographics
    Research Interest: Statistics, GIS and Demography

  • Diana Grigsby-Toussaint
    Affiliation: University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
    Research Interest: Epidemiology

  • Jan Hughes-Austin
    Affiliation: University of Colorado Denver and The Children's Hospital
    Research Interest: Epidemiology

  • Sara Kaplan
    Affiliation: Iowa State University
    Research Interest: Sociology

  • Jennifer Buher Kane
    Affiliation: Pennsylvania State University
    Research Interest: Sociology

  • Katherine King
    Affiliation: University of Michigan
    Research Interest: Sociology

  • Linda Loubert
    Affiliation: Morgan State University
    Research Interest: Economics

  • Soumya Mazumdar
    Affiliation: Columbia University
    Research Interest: Public Health

  • Claudia Nau
    Affiliation: Pennsylvania State University
    Research Interest: Sociology

  • Jayanti Owens
    Affiliation: Princeton University
    Research Interest: Demography

  • Patrick Rafail
    Affiliation: Pennsylvania State University
    Research Interest: Sociology

  • Annie Ro
    Affiliation: University of Michigan
    Research Interest: Epidemiology

  • Shubhayu Saha
    Affiliation: National Center for Environmental Health, Centers for Disease Control
    Research Interest: Health Sciences

  • Rodrigo Salcedo Du Bois
    Affiliation: Pennsylvania State University Agricultural
    Research Interest: Economics

  • David Schlundt
    Affiliation: Vanderbilt University
    Research Interest: Public Health

  • Carla Shoff
    Affiliation: Pennsylvania State University
    Research Interest: Rural Sociology and Population Research Institute

  • Karen Snedker
    Affiliation: University of Washington / Seattle Pacific University
    Research Interest: Sociology

  • Sumeeta Srinivasan
    Affiliation: Harvard University
    Research Interest: Geographical Analysis

  • Travis Taniguchi
    Affiliation: Temple University
    Research Interest: Criminology

  • Zoua Vang
    Affiliation: University of Pennsylvania
    Research Interest: Sociology

  • Eunice D. Vargas Valle
    Affiliation: Valle University of Texas at Austin
    Research Interest: Demography