GIS In Public Health Practice - Maheswaran, Ravi, Craglia, Massimo, Massimo Craglia (2004)
ISBN 0415306558
Subject Geographic information systems; Geographic Information Systems - utilization; Medical geography - Methodology; Public health - Geographic information systems; Public health - Information services; Public health - Research; Public Health Informatics - methods; Topography, Medical - methods
Publisher CRC
Publication Date 5/11/2004
Format Hardcover (236 x 162 mm)
Language eng
Significant advances in the evaluation and use of geographic information have had a major effect on key elements of public health. Strides in mapping technology as well as the availability and accuracy of health information enable public health practitioners to link and analyze data in new ways at international, regional, and even street levels. This geographical perspective generates new approaches in the study of communicable disease control, environmental health protection, health needs assessment, planning and policy, operational public health management, and many other areas. GIS in Public Health Practice includes contributions from the leading researchers in the field who participated in the First European Conference on Geographic Information Sciences and Public Health. This event promoted the use of GIS within the realm of public health. Specifically selected and expanded contributions illustrate particular areas of application and address issues of major importance. Many of the chapters have a UK or European focus, but examine issues, principles, and methods that are relevant worldwide. GIS in Public Health Practice is the first book to treat GIS as more than a mere technology. It recognizes GIS as a science that encompasses the development and application of scientific methods toward solving societal problems, an emerging facet of public health research and practice. This compilation is beneficial to all practitioners and researchers with an interest in public health.
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