Spatial Pattern Analysis Library
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  Title Author Publication Year  
Political Geography Vol 21 No 2 Feb 2002 Special Issue: The Development and Appication of Spatial Analysis for Political Methodology Michael Ward Ed. 2002 Details
Political Analysis Vol 10 No 3 Summer 2002 Special Issue Spatial Methods in Political Science 2002 Details
Journal of Geographical Systems Vol 5 No 1 May 2003 Special Issue - Accessibility in Space and Time M.-P. Kwan, D.G. Janelle, & M.F. Goodchild Ed. 2003 Details
Geographic Information Systems: Socioeconomic Applications David Martin 1995 Details
Spatial Decision Support For Resource Allocation : Integration Of Optimization, Uncertainty Analysis And Visualization Techniques Jeroen Charles Joseph Hubert Aerts 2002 Details
Charting The Unknown: How Computer Mapping At Harvard Became GIS Nick Chrisman 2006 Details
Getting Started with Geographic Information Systems Clarke, Keith 1998 Details
The GIS 20 Gina Clemmer 2010 Details
GIS For Everyone David E. Davis 2003 Details
Geospatial Technology And The Role Of Location In Science (Geojournal Library) Henk J. Scholten; Rob van de Velde; Niels van Manen 2009 Details
Getting To Know ArcGIS Desktop: Basics Of Arcview, Arceditor, And Arcinfo Tim Ormsby; Eileen Napoleon; Robert Burke; Carolyn Groessl; Laura Bowden 2008 Details
GIS Tutorial: Workbook For Arcview 9 Wilpen L Gorr; Kristen S Kurland 2008 Details
Lining Up Data In ArcGIS Margaret M. Maher 2010 Details
The ESRI Guide To GIS Analysis: Volume 2: Spatial Measurements And Statistics Andy Mitchell 2005 Details
Making Spatial Decisions Using GIS, Level 4 (Our World GIS Education) Kathryn Keranen; Robert Kolvoord 2008 Details
Thinking Spatially Using GIS: Our World GIS Education, Level 1 Eileen J Napoleon; Erin A Brook 2008 Details
Analyzing Our World Using GIS: Our World GIS Education, Level 3 (Our World GIS Education) Roger Palmer; Anita M Palmer; Lyn Malone 2008 Details
Mapping Our World Using GIS: Our World GIS Education, Level 2 Anita M Palmer; Roger Palmer; Lyn Malone; Christine L Voigt 2008 Details
Building A GIS: System Architecture Design Strategies For Managers Dave Peters 2008 Details
Placing History: How Maps, Spatial Data, And GIS Are Changing Historical Scholarship Hillier, Amy - editor; Knowles, Anne Kelly - editor 2008 Details
GIS Tutorial For Homeland Security (Tutorial) Susan Lindell Radke; Eddie Hanebuth 2008 Details
Thinking About GIS: Geographic Information System Planning For Managers Roger Tomlinson 2007 Details
Spatial Portals: Gateways To Geographic Information Winnie Tang; Jan Selwood 2005 Details
Advanced Spatial Analysis: The Casa Book Of GIS Paul Longley; Batty, Michael 2003 Details
Applied GIS And Spatial Analysis Clarke, Graham; Stillwell, John C. H 2003 Details
Community Geography: GIS In Action Kim Zanelli English; Laura S. Feaster; Feaster, Laura S 2002 Details
Geographically Weighted Regression: The Analysis Of Spatially Varying Relationships A. Stewart Fotheringham; Chris Brunsdon; Martin Charlton 2002 Details
GIS, Spatial Analysis, And Modeling Maguire, D. J; Batty, Michael; Goodchild, Michael F 2005 Details
Transportation GIS: Includes 12 Case Studies Laura Lang 1999 Details
GIS Worlds: Creating Spatial Data Infrastructures Ian Masser 2005 Details
The ESRI Guide To GIS Analysis Volume 1: Geographic Patterns & Relationships Andy Mitchell 1999 Details
Geographic Information Analysis David O'Sullivan; David J. Unwin; Unwin, D 2002 Details
Past Time, Past Place: GIS For History Knowles, Anne Kelly 2002 Details
GIS: A Short Introduction (Short Introductions To Geography Ser.) Nadine Schuurman 2004 Details
Understanding Place: GIS And Mapping Across The Curriculum Lund, Jennifer J; Diana Stuart Sinton; Jennifer J Lund 2006 Details
Socio-Economic Applications Of Geographic Information Science (Innovations In GIS, 9) Kidner, David B; Higgs, Gary; White, Sean 2002 Details
Modeling Our World: The ESRI Guide To Geodatabase Design Michael Zeiler 2000 Details
Managing Natural Resources With GIS Laura Lang 1998 Details
GIS For Decision Support And Public Policy Making Christopher Thomas; Nancy Humenik-Sappington 2009 Details
Successful Response Starts With A Map: Improving Geospatial Support For Disaster Management Tools, and Infrastructure Committee on Planning for Catastrophe: A Blueprint for Improving Geospatial Data; National Research Council 2006 Details
Zeroing In: Geographic Information Systems At Work In The Community Andy Mitchell 1998 Details
Quantitative Geography: Perspectives On Spatial Data Analysis A Stewart Fotheringham; Chris Brunsdon; Martin Charlton; A. Stewart Fotheringham 2000 Details
Mapping Census 2000 Cynthia A. Brewer 2002 Details
The Look Of Maps Arthur Howard Robinson 1952 Details
Designed Maps: A Sourcebook For GIS Users Cynthia A Brewer 2008 Details
Making Maps: A Visual Guide To Map Design For GIS John Krygier 2005 Details
Map Use: Reading And Analysis A Jon Kimerling; Aileen R Buckley; Phillip C Muehrcke; Juliana O Muehrcke 2009 Details
Designing Better Maps: A Guide For GIS Users Cynthia A. Brewer 2005 Details
Arc Marine Wright, Dawn J 2008 Details
Multilevel Statistical Models Harvey Goldstein 2002 Details
Putting People On The Map: Protecting Confidentiality With Linked Social-Spatial Data Gutmann, Myron - editor; Stern, Paul - editor 2007 Details
Geographic Information Systems For The Social Sciences: Investigating Space And Place Steven J. Steinberg; Sheila L. Steinberg; Steinberg, Sheila L 2005 Details
Hierarchical Linear Models: Applications And Data Analysis Methods (Advanced Quantitative Techniques In The Social Sciences) Stephen W. Raudenbush; Anthony S. Bryk; Bryk, Anthony S 2001 Details
Spatial Regression Models (Quantitative Applications In The Social Sciences) Michael Don, Ward 2008 Details
Spatially Integrated Social Science (Spatial Information Systems) Goodchild, Michael F; Janelle, Donald G; Michael F Goodchild; Donald G Janelle 2004 Details
The Geographical Analysis Of Population: With Applications To Planning And Business David A. Plane; Peter A. Rogerson; Rogerson, Peter 1994 Details
Connecting People While Preserving The Planet: Essays On Sustainable Development Jean Poulit 2007 Details
A System For Survival: GIS And Sustainable Development Falconer, Allan; Foresman, Joyce; Shrestha, Basanta Raj 2002 Details
Planning Support Systems: Integrating Geographic Information Systems, Models, And Visualization Tools Richard Brail; Richard Klosterman 2001 Details
People And The Environment: Approaches For Linking Household And Community Surveys To Remote Sensing And GIS Fox, Jefferson 2002 Details
People And Pixels: Linking Remote Sensing And Social Science Committee on the Human Dimensions of Global Change 1998 Details
GIS Tutorial For Marketing (GIS Tutorial) Fred L Miller 2007 Details
GIS For The Urban Environment Juliana Maantay 2006 Details
Mapping Global Cities: GIS Methods In Urban Analysis Ayse Pamuk 2006 Details
Think Globally, Act Regionally: GIS And Data Visualization For Social Science And Public Policy Research Richard LeGates 2005 Details
Analyzing Urban Poverty: GIS For The Developing World Rosario C Giusti de Perez 2008 Details
GIS In Public Policy: Using Geographic Information For More Effective Government R W Greene 2000 Details
ArcGIS And The Digital City: A Hands-On Approach For Local Government William E. Huxhold 2004 Details
Making Community Connections: The Orton Family Foundation Community Mapping Program The Orton Family Foundation 2003 Details
Data Analysis And Graphics Using R: An Example-Based Approach (Cambridge Series In Statistical And Probabilistic Mathematics) John Maindonald; John Braun 2006 Details
Handbook Of Applied Spatial Analysis Manfred M. Fischer; Arthur Getis 2010 Details
Applied Spatial Data Analysis With R (Use R) Roger S. Bivand; Edzer J. Pebesma; Virgilio Gómez-Rubio 2008 Details
Interactive Spatial Data Analysis Trevor Bailey; Tony Gatrell; Gatrell, Anthony C 1996 Details
Point Pattern Analysis (Scientific Geography Series) Barry N. Boots; Arthur Getis 1988 Details
Neighborhoods And Health (Medicine) Ichioro Kawachi; Lisa F. Berkman 2003 Details
Applied Spatial Statistics For Public Health Data Lance A. Waller; Carol A. Gotway 2004 Details
GIS In Public Health Practice Maheswaran, Ravi; Craglia, Massimo; Massimo Craglia 2004 Details
Ecosystem Change And Public Health: A Global Perspective Aron, Joan L; Patz, Jonathan 2001 Details
The Added Value Of Geographical Information Systems In Public And Environmental Health (Geojournal Library) Lepper, Marion J. C. de; Scholten, H. J; Stern, Richard M 1995 Details
GIS And Public Health Ellen K. Cromley; Sara L. McLafferty; McLafferty, Sara 2002 Details
Geographic Information Systems And Health Applications Khan, Omar A; Skinner, Ric 2002 Details
Introduction To Geographic Information Systems For Public Health Alan L., M.D. Melnick 2002 Details
GIS Tutorial For Health (Updated For Arcgis 9.3) Kristen S Kurland; Wilpen L Gorr 2009 Details
Cartographies Of Disease: Maps, Mapping, And Medicine Tom Koch 2005 Details
GIS For Health Organizations Laura Lang 2000 Details
GIS And Health Gatrell, Anthony C; Lo¨yto¨nen, Markku 1998 Details
GIS For Landscape Architects Karen C Hanna 1999 Details
Designing Geodatabases For Transportation J Allison Butler 2008 Details

Additional readings from prior workshops that may be of interest:

Comparison of a spatial approach with the multilevel approach for investigating place effects on health: the example of healthcare utilisation in France - Basile Chaix, Juan Merlo, and Pierre Chauvin  (531kb)

Spatial Demography - Kenneth W. Wachter  (101kb)

The Examination of Neigborhood Effects on Health: Conceptual and Methodological Issues Related to the Presence of Multiple Levels of Organization  (252kb)

Demography as a Spatial Social Science - Paul R. Voss  (253kb)

GIS and Spatial Demography - Stephen A. Matthews  (33kb)

Multiple membership multiple classification (MMMC) models  (188kb)

Neighborhood Environments and Coronary Heart Disease: A Multilevel Analysis  (1.4MB)

Multilevel Models in the Study of Dynamic Household Structures  (72kb)

Applied Multilevel Analysis  (700kb)

Multilevel modelling of the geographical distributions of diseases  (207kb)

Invited Commentary: Advancing Theory and Methods for Multilevel Models of Residential Neighborhoods and Health  (82kb)

Tutorial in Biostatistics An Introduction to Hierarchical Linear Modelling  (217kb)

GeoDa: An Introduction to Spatial Data Analysis  (522kb)

Under the Hood. Issues in the Specification and Interpretation of Spatial Regression Models  (172kb)

Robust point-pattern inference from spatially censored data  (631kb)

A descriptive analysis of discrete U.S. industrial complexes  (2.9MB)

spatstat: An R Package for Analyzing Spatial Point Patterns  (1.1MB)

Spatial modeling with GIS  (8MB)

Areal Interpolation and Spatial Convolution  (623kb)

The Role of Spatial Analysis in Demographic Research  (4.9MB)

The Fertility Transition in Egypt: Intraurban Patterns in Cairo  (4.9MB)

The pyrogeography of sub-Saharan Africa: a study of the spatial non-stationarity of fire–environment relationships using GWR  (2.6MB)