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Instructional Development Award Recipients

Several undergraduate instructors who attended the 2004, 2005, 2006, or 2007 SPACE workshops were awarded funds to continue their efforts in integrating spatial analysis into their course curriculums. These pages showcase their achievements. See the full recipient list.

Chris Mayda

Affiliation: Department of Geography and Geology, Eastern Michigan University
Workshop Attended: Remote Sensing and GIS Technologies for Undergraduate Curricula in the Social Sciences, OU, 2006
Accomplishment: Encouraged original research by undergraduate students and facilitated their participation in a national academic conference.

Notable Achievements in Her Own Words

I will use much of what I learned to work with students seeking Independent studies.
. . . I have always been hands-on, and in favor of critical thinking, and the SPACE workshop reinforced my beliefs.
Chris Mayda

I have two students who have greatly benefited from my experiences in the SPACE program. Both Doug Rivet and Don Lafreniere have been such a pleasure to work with. They presented an illustrated poster at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, in Las Vegas, in March 2009. The abstract for the poster follows:

Visualizing the Past: An innovative use of historical maps in GIS

Douglas Rivet and Donald Lafreniere

Department of Geography

Eastern Michigan University


The analysis of individual historical maps limits researchers' ability to interpret broader spatial relationships. However, a mosaic of georectified historical maps can remove this limitation. By using this tool, we can better visualize the various factors that have impacted urban form and function. Using Sandwich, Ontario, as a case study, we created a set of mosaics to cartographically represent the impact of changing transportation systems beginning in the late 18th century.

Their poster was part of a much bigger project to create The Forgotten Capital: A Historical Atlas of Sandwich, Ontario, part of Don’s undergraduate senior thesis in Geography. The atlas project combines the joint efforts of Don and Doug at archival research, field investigation, and the use of GIS and illustration software.

The Forgotten Capital: A Historical Atlas of Sandwich, Ontario    (78 MB)

The Atlas has eight plates and the file will take a few seconds to load. Click on the image to advance from page to page.



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