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Spatial Analysis and GIS for
Undergraduate Course Enhancement in the Social Sciences

August 2-6, 2004: San Diego, CA

Topics covered: This workshop offers instructors of undergraduate courses in the social sciences an opportunity to gain expertise in the application of GIS and spatial pattern analysis. Primary concentration will be on problems and issues of interest especially to sociologists, criminologists, and demographers. Participants will work collaboratively with workshop leaders and other participants in the design of course materials for use in undergraduate teaching and in learning assessment. Familiarity with GIS and spatial analysis is desirable.

Instructors: Arthur Getis and John R. Weeks (coordinators), Jared Aldstadt, and Piotr Jankowski (all of San Diego State University); Fiona Goodchild and Michael Goodchild (both of UC Santa Barbara).

Co-sponsor with CSISS: The University Consortium for Geographic Information Science.

Host institution: Department of Geography, San Diego State University.

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