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 Readings for Map Making and Visualization of Spatial Data

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Related Readings

Evans, I.S. 1977 The Selection of Class Intervals. Transactions, Institute of British Geographers, 2: 98-124.

Fisher, W. D. 1958 On Grouping for Maximum Homogeneity. Journal of the American Statistical Association, vol. 53(Dec): 789-798.

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Tomlin, C. D. (1991). Cartographic Modelling. In: Maguire, D. J., Goodchild, M. F., and Rhind, D. W., (eds.), Geographical Information Systems: Principles and Applications, vol. 1, Wiley, New York, NY: 361-373.

Wright, J. K. 1936 A Method of Mapping Densities of Popluation With Cape Code as an Example. The Geographical Review, vol. 26: 102-110.



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