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 Exercises for Map Making and Visualization of Spatial Data

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Exercises are from 2:00 to 5:00pm in Room 2610 (StarLab).

Day 1:

  2:00 Exercise: Getting comfortable with ArcView GIS 8.1. Downloading, processing, classifying (WWW, Excel, ArcView)
    Handouts: ArcGIS Tutorial
Downloading and pre-processing census data
    Web links : example table
US Census FactFinder (census data)
ESRI Census Watch (census data portal and information) 
ESRI Geography Network (tiger line data and tons of other spatial data) 
List of mapping software

Day 2:

  2:00 Exercise: Visualizing Census Data
    Handouts: Map design with ArcView GIS
    Web links :

List of cart/viz links by Terry Slocum
Design checklist by sara

Day 3:

  2:00 Exercise: Geographic Visualization with GeoVista Studio I
    Handouts: Studio Tutorial - Part 1
    Web links : GeoVista Studio Web site

Day 4:

  2:00 Exercise: Geographic Visualization with GeoVista Studio II
    Handouts: Studio Tutorial - Part 2
    Web links : GeoVista Studio Web site
    Exit survey Please fill out the CSISS Exit Survey on your last day.



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