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 Readings for Map Making and Visualization of Spatial Data

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Lecture Material

Buttenfield, B.P. 2002 Attribute Classification. Outline. Lecture.

Buttenfield, B.P. 2002 Cartographic Communication Process. Outline. Lecture.

Buttenfield, B.P. 2002 Map Generalization. Outline. Lecture.

Clarke, K. 2002 Dealing with the 3rd Dimension in Cartgography.

Crampton, J. 2002 The Social Construction of Maps.

Crampton, J. 2002 Why Visualize Spatial Data in the Social Sciences?

Fabrikant, S.I. 2002 The Art in Cartography.

Fabrikant, S.I. 2002 Spatialization.

Fabrikant, S.I. 2002 Symbolizing Point Features.

Gahegan, M. 2002 The Art and Science of Discovery.

Gahegan, M. 2002 GeoVISTA Studio.

Gahegan, M. 2002 Seeing and Understanding Visual Displays.

Tobler, W. 2002 Geographic Location and Map Projections.

Related Readings

Crampton, J. 2002 Annotated Bibiliography.

Crampton, J. 2002 Interactivity Types in Geographic Visualization.

Crampton, J. 2002 An interview with Mark Monmonier.

Evans, I.S. 1977 The Selection of Class Intervals. Transactions, Institute of British Geographers, 2: 98-124.

Fisher, W. D. 1958 On Grouping for Maximum Homogeneity. Journal of the American Statistical Association, vol. 53(Dec): 789-798.

Miller, G. A. 1994. Reprint of The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information. Psychological Review, vol. 101, no. 2: 343-351.

Tobler, W. 2001. Map Making for Social Scientists, ASA, Anaheim.

Tobler, W. 2001. Geographical Movement, Santa Barbara, California.

Tobler, W. 2002. Computer Cartograms , Santa Barbara, California.

Tobler, W. 2002. A Continuous Transformation Useful for Districting Wiley, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Tobler, W. 2002. Geographic Area and Map Projections, Santa Barbara, California.

Tobler, W. 2002. Pseudo-Cartograms, Santa Barbara, California.

Tomlin, C. D. 1991. Cartographic Modelling. In: Maguire, D. J., Goodchild, M. F., and Rhind, D. W., (eds.), Geographical Information Systems: Principles and Applications, vol. 1, Wiley, New York, NY: 361-373.

Wright, J. K. 1936 A Method of Mapping Densities of Popluation With Cape Code as an Example. The Geographical Review, vol. 26: 102-110.



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