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NCGIA Core Curriculum in Geographic Information Science

1998-2000 Core Curriculum in Geographic Information Science

Given the continuing demand for copies of the original 1990 NCGIA Core Curriculum in GIS, the NCGIA has decided that a major revision is warranted. This revision, using the www as the main distribution channel, is based on a completely new outline which takes into consideration the many changes and advances during the past decade.

1990 GIS Core Curriculum

During the 1988-89 school year, with the assistance of 35 GIS educators in the US, Canada and the UK, the NCGIA developed a comprehensive set of lecture notes intended to identify and describe a core set of knowledge about GIS that should be taught to beginning GIS professionals. During the following year over 100 institutions around the world used the materials in their GIS courses and provided thorough evaluation of the contents and structure. Based on this detailed review, the materials were extensively revised and the final version was ready for distribution in August 1990. The 1990 NCGIA Core Curriculum in GIS is a 1000+ page document organized into three volumes -- Introduction to GIS, Technical Issues in GIS and Application Issues in GIS. Each volume includes sufficient material for a one-term length course and contains 25 units of lecture notes with accompanying handouts, overheads, 35mm slides and suggested discussion and examination questions. While the Curriculum was designed primarily for use as an instructional development tool, the materials have also been used as class notes for distribution to students and as a self-study guide.


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