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CSISS Core Programs

CSISS focuses on the methods, tools, techniques, software, data access, and other services needed to promote and facilitate a novel and integrating approach to social science that is spatially integrated. CSISS is based around core programs targeted across the full spectrum from inductive, exploratory science to theory-based, confirmatory science. The CSISS Strategic Plan provides further information about each of the core programs.

CSISS Core Programs include:

  • Learning Resources
    CSISS development of educational resources that support spatially integrated social science. Popular resources include the CSISS Classics, GIS Cookbook, workshop video clips and course syllabi.

  • National Workshops
    Intensive series of workshops, offered during the summer, covering the principles and practice of spatially integrated social science.

  • Spatial Tools
    The CSISS Tools Clearinghouse is intended to grow into a robust collection of software, software links, and descriptions of methods to facilitate spatial research in the social sciences. In the first implementation of the clearinghouse, primary emphasis is given to software sites and portals.

  • Specialist Meetings
    Cross disciplinary expert meetings focusing on gaps in knowledge that can be addressed through a spatial perspective. These meetings identify scientific agendas, workshop needs, new learning resources, spatial research tools and publications of exemplary social science applications.

  • The SPACE Program
    Spatial Perspectives for Analysis in Curriculum Enhancement (SPACE) is a newly funded program of professional development, oriented to undergraduate-level instruction in the social sciences. The objectives of SPACE are to introduce spatial methodologies as foundation skills for undergraduates in such disciplines as anthropology, archaeology, history, economics, political science, and sociology, and to interdisciplinary programs in criminology, demography, and urban studies. The program will feature one- and two-week-long workshops to permit instructors of undergraduate courses to gain a fundamental understanding of spatial methods and related software, to engage in the development of curriculum, lecture, and laboratory exercises, and resources for the assessment of student learning.

  • GIS and Population Science
    This program has a primary mission to significantly promote the mastery and use of spatial methods in population research. In support of this mission, the Population Research Institute (The Pennsylvania State University) and CSISS have combined their expertise to offer national workshops for Ph.D. students, postdocs, and young faculty in demography and related fields with research interest in population science. In addition, the program is developing web-based infrastructure for access to learning and research resources by workshop participants and by the broader international community of population scientists.

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