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Agent-based Models of Land Use / Land Cover Change - Additional Resources

Project SLUCE: Spatial Land Use Change
and Ecological Effects

Presentation by Daniel G. Brown
in PDF format, size 1.4 MB

FEARLUS: An Agent-Based Model of Land Use

Presentation by Gary Polhill. Download size is
in PDF format, size 172k

Issues in Spatially Explicit Modeling

Presentation by Michael F. Goodchild
in PDF format, size 145k


Biocomplexity Project Overview

Presentation by Dawn Parker
in PDF format, size 652k


Linking Role-playing Games, GIS and MAS to Accompany
Governing Processes in Land Use Management:
The SelfCormas Experiment in the Senegal River Valley
Presentation by P. d’Aquino
in PDF format, size 438k
Accompanying Paper in PDF format, size 331k


Adjustment Costs of Agri- Environmental Policy Switchings
A Multi-Agent-Approach

Presentation by Alfons Balmann
in PDF format, size 257k


Agent Based Simulations of the Effects of Household Structure on Patterns of Land Use Change in the Brazilian Amazon

Presentation by Peter Deadman
in PDF format, size 352k


Multiple-Agent Modeling Applied to Agro-Ecological Development

Presentation by Thomas Berger
in PDF format, size 520k


Agent Based Approaches to
Land-Use and Land-Cover Change
in the Southern Yucatan Peninsular Region of Mexico

Presentation by Steven M. Manson
in PDF format, size 645k



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