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MAS/LUCC Resource Page: Research Projects

This site lists on-going research projects that utilize fine-scale simulation-based land-use models. Project leaders are invited to add information about their ongoing projects through the "Add New Entry" link below. While the site is primarily focused on multi-agent system models of land-use and land-cover change, contributions using related fine-scale land-use modeling techniques, such as spatial econometrics, cellular automata, and hybrid models, are also welcome.

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  • Agent-based Simulation of Sutainable Resource Use in Agriculture and Forestry [Edit]
  • Anasazi Village Model [Edit]
  • AQUADAPT [Edit]
  • Comparison of Urban and Rural Land Use Change Models of Wetlands Loss in Mississippi 1982-1992 [Edit]
  • CORMAS : Common-Pool Resources and Multi-Agents Systems [Edit]
  • Department of Environmental and Resource Economics [Edit]
  • DINAMICA - Landscape Dynamics Simulator [Edit]
  • Dynamic Spatial Modeling [Edit]
  • EvoLand - Evolving Landscape Simulator [Edit]
  • GeoGraph Computational Laboratories -- Network Landscapes for Swarm [Edit]
  • Geomod [Edit]
  • Land Use and Carbon Sequestration in Eastern Deciduous Forests: [Edit]
  • LEAM: Land-use Evolution and Impact Assessment Model [Edit]
  • Learning in Multi Agent System for Multi-actor spatial planning [Edit]
  • LUCIM: Agent-based Models of Land-Use Decisions and Emergent Land-Use Patterns in Forested Regions... [Edit]
  • LUCITA: Agent-based Models of Land-Use Decisions and Emergent Land-Use Patterns in Forested Regions... [Edit]
  • MameLuke Project [Edit]
  • Modeling Land Use-Land Cover Dynamics [Edit]
  • Personal Page [Edit]
  • Policies for Improved Land Management in Uganda [Edit]
  • Project SLUCE [Edit]
  • RBSim Modeling Package [Edit]
  • SAMBA-GIS: a combination of role-plays, multi-agent simulations and geographic information systems... [Edit]
  • SLUDGE: Simulated land-use dependent on edge-effect externalities [Edit]
  • Spatially Explicit Land-use Change Modelling in North-western mountain, Vietnam [Edit]
  • Sustainable Water Use under Changing Land Use, Rainfall Reliability, and Water Demands in the Volta... [Edit]
  • The FEARLUS Project [Edit]
  • The LOV project [Edit]
  • TiGrESS (Time-Geographical Approaches to Emergence and Sustainable Societies) [Edit]
  • UrbanSim [Edit]
  • Research Institute for Knowledge Systems (Netherlands) [Edit]
  • Sprawlsim [Edit]
  • SYPRIA: Integrated Assessment and Projection of Southern Yucatán Peninsular Region (LCLUC / SYPR) [Edit]

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