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Research Project Details

Reproductive Health Issues Along the Border

Discipline: Public Health                    

Project Category:
Institution: San Diego State University International Population Center
Principal Investigators: John R. Weeks

Description: John R. Weeks, Co-Principal Investigator (with Rubén G. Rumbaut), "Perinatal Risks and Outcomes Among Low-Income Immigrants," grant from the U.S. Public Health Service, Bureau of Maternal and Child Health and Resource Development, 1990-91. John R. Weeks and Rubén G. Rumbaut, "Infant Mortality Among Ethnic Immigrant Groups," Social Science and Medicine, 33(3): 327-334, 1991. Rubén G. Rumbaut and John R. Weeks, "Unraveling a Public Health Enigma: Why do Immigrants Experience Superior Perinatal Health Outcomes?" Research in the Sociology of Health Care, 13(B): 337-391, 1996. John R. Weeks, Rubén G. Rumbaut, and Norma Ojeda, "Reproductive Outcomes Among Mexico-Born Women in San Diego and Tijuana: Testing the Migration Selectivity Hypothesis," The Journal of Immigrant Health 1(2):77-90, 1999. Rubén G. Rumbaut and John R. Weeks, "Children of Immigrants: Is Americanization Hazardous to Infant Health?" in Hiram E. Fitzgerald, Barry M. Lester, and Barry Zuckerman, editors, Children of Color: Research, Health, and Policy Issues (New York: Garland Publishing), 1999. Christopher Peak and John R. Weeks, “Does Community Context Influence Reproductive Outcomes of Mexican Origin Women in San Diego, California?”, The Journal of Immigrant Health, 4(3):125-136, 2002.

Contact: John Weeks