Advanced Spatial Analysis

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Spatially Integrated Social Science
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UCSB 2011 July 10–July 15, 2011: Santa Barbara, CA

Multilevel Modeling Agenda

Meal Plan

Breakfast (July 10-17) in Carrillo Dining Commons (CDC)

8:00–9:00am, Sundays
7:00–8:15am, Monday and Tuesday
8:00–9:00am, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

Lunch (July 10-16) in De La Guerra Dining Commons (DLG)

11:30–1:30pm, Sunday–Saturday

Dinner (July 10-16) in Carrillo Dining Commons

5:30–6:30pm, Sunday
5:00–6:00pm, Monday, Thursday, Friday
5:30–6:30pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

Sunday, July 10

Arrival Day
Early arrivals may join workshop organizers for dinner at Carrillo Dining Commons at 5:30

All instruction will be held at the Star Lab, Ellison 2610

Monday, July 11

  8:30am Official Welcome and Introductions, Don Janelle

  9:30am Session 1: Multilevel modeling: Concepts and applications, Kelvyn Jones

12:00pm Lunch discussion with workshop instructors

  1:30pm Session 2: Varying relationships, S.V. Subramanian

  5:30pm Working dinner discussion with workshop instructors

  7:00pm After-dinner Discussion
IHC McCune Conference Room 6020, Humanities and Social Sciences Building (HSSB, Bldg #515)

Tuesday, July 12,

  9:00am Session 3: Random intercepts model

12:00pm Lunch discussion with workshop instructors

  1:30pm Session 4: Random slopes AKA random-coefficient model;
   variance functions

 6:00pm Optional, excursion to downtown Santa Barbara

Wednesday, July 13,

  6:00am Optional, morning hike in foothills, Don Janelle

  9:00am Session 5: Modeling correlated / dependent data

12:00pm Lunch discussion with workshop instructors

  1:30pm Session 6: Complex heterogeneity at level-1

  6:00pm Optional, excursion to downtown Santa Barbara

Thursday, July 14,

  9:00am Session 7: Significance testing, modeling categorical predictors

12:00pm Lunch discussion with workshop instructors

  1:30pm Session 8: Concept of higher-level predictors; three level models

  6:00pm  Dinner and workshop debriefing

Friday, July 15,

  9:00am Session 9: Estimates and Estimation, maximum likelihood and
  Bayesian MCMC procedures

12:00pm Lunch discussion with workshop instructors

  1:30pm Session 10:

The previous sessions will have covered in detail the fundamentals of multilevel modeling of Normal-theory data; the final session will deal with issues arising in the analysis of discrete data, longitudinal data and spatial weights data. Detailed training materials will be available on all these types of application and participants can choose which type of model they wish to pursue further. Suitable data will be provided for each type of application.

  4:00pm Workshop Closing Comments and Certificates,
  Stephen Matthews and Don Janelle

Saturday, July 16

Departure Day