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 Agenda for Map Making and Visualization of Spatial Data

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On Monday, Welcome and Introductions begin at 8:45am in Ellison Hall, Room 2620, followed by the lecture at 9:15. On all other days, the lecture is from 9:00am to 1:00pm daily in Room 2620. Exercises are from 2:00 to 5:00pm in Room 2610 (computer lab next door).

Monday, 23 July:

  8:45 Welcome
Welcome and Introductions
  9:15 Lectures:

• Why visualize spatial data in the social sciences?
• The cartographic communication process: map purpose,   map functions, and map audience (Buttenfield)
• Putting data into context: Locational reference systems   and map projections (Tobler)

  2:00 Exercise:

Map design with graphic illustration software (Freehand).

Tuesday, 24 July:

  9:00 Lectures:

• Working at different map scales: map generalization
• The art in c a r t ography: graphic design issues
• Map symbolization: The visual variables (Fabrikant)

  2:00 Exercise:

More on map design (Freehand, WWW)

Wednesday, 25 July:

  9:00 Lectures:

• Symbolizing point, line, and areal features (Fabrikant)
• Mapping statistical data: data classification (Buttenfield)
• Mapping statistical data: cartograms (Dorling)

  2:00 Exercise:

Downloading, processing, classifying, and visualizing census data with GIS (WWW, Excel, ArcView)

Thursday, 26 July:

  9:00 Lectures:

• Mapping change in statistical data: geographical   movement
• Continuous representations of statistical data:   geographical interpolation (Tobler)
• Spatial analysis with maps: dasymetric mapping   (Fabrikant)

  2:00 Exercise:

Dasymetric mapping (ArcView)

Friday, 27 July:

  9:00 Lectures:

• Current developments in geographic visualization   (GVis), including 3D mapping, animation etc.   (Dorling/Clarke)
• Information Visualization: using GVis principles for   non-spatial data (Fabrikant)

  2:00 Projects:

Presentation and discussion of participants' own data/mapping projects. Bring your data, bring information on your own mapping ideas/project to share with the group!



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