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 Map Making and Visualization of Spatial Data

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Photo from a workshop participant, Michele Campagna.Map Making and Visualization of Spatial Data
in the Social Sciences

Santa Barbara, CA
23-27 July 2001

Host Institution
Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science (CSISS)
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA

Sara Fabrikant - Workshop Coordinator,
Keith Clarke, and Waldo Tobler (all of the University of California, Santa Barbara), Barbara P. Buttenfield (University of Colorado-Boulder),
and Dan Dorling (University of Leeds)

The Workshop
Photo from a workshop participant, Michele Campagna.This workshop introduces spatial information design and geographic visualization for the Social Sciences. Sessions will cover principles of scientific visualization, graphical design, and thematic mapping. Exercises will permit participants to design digital, static maps using current graphical design and mapping software (e.g., FreeHand, PhotoShop, ArcView), work with a grid-based GIS, and design interactive maps for the WWW. By the end of the workshop, participants will be producing high quality cartographic displays, and processing cartographic data for spatial visualization of patterns and processes of interest to social science researchers.

The principal reference for the workshop will be Cartography: Thematic Map Design, Fifth Edition, 1999, Dubuque: Wm. C. Brown, by Borden D. Dent, (ISBN: 0697384950). Participants are not required to purchase this book.



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